During my time studying at DTU, i have participated in many exciting and challenging projects.


MOODSPACE, was an exciting exploration of the senses and the environment that we inhabit as humans. The project consisted of experimenting with sound and space, to create responsive music with body movement.

Using Arduino(Heartpulse Sensor) and Microsoft Kinect, we were able to create an isolated space, where the body became the instrument of choice.

  • The Project used Gamification as it's way of engaging the user.
  • The Project was in cooperation with Mørkhøj Kirke (Church).
  • The Project had an exploritative approach to the space we inhabit.

Simplex Udlejning

"Simplex Udlejning" is a project developed in cooperation with DTU and Zincktwice, to create a new Digital Housing Platform, for renting out apartments and other housing. The unique interactive design of "Simplex Udlejning" makes it easier for a user to rent out multiple apartments, which can be difficult with current platforms.

  • The Project was developed in PHP/HTML5.
  • The Project uses Interactive Design.
  • Design Thinking was used as the chosen approach and User Experience was greatly emphazied.

The site can be visited here: www.SimplexUdlejning.com

Google Maps Project (Android Development)

During my time at DTU, i also worked on a nondisclosed project, where i developed an application in Android Studio. The application used Google Maps, to do various tasks like placing pins and interacting with a database in real time.

The application was developed with User Experience in mind, and Interactive Design to shape the way the user would use the application.

  • The Project was developed in Android Studio.
  • The Project used a MySQL Database to store data.
  • The Project also used various Google extensions for Google Maps.

No Place For Jim

No Place For Jim is a 2D pixel-platformer game, developed in the style of a classic dungeon crawler. The game is still early in development, but is developed completely independently by Attosec(Indie Company).

The game design seeks to challenge the status-quo in the gaming industry, and wants to challenge players to new exciting gaming mechanics, never before seen.

  • The game is developed in the Unity Engine (v5.6).
  • The game uses pixel art drawn in Photoshop Pro.

Roll-Over Sock

Social and Health care workers at nursing homes have had issues for years with arthritis patients, needing compression socks applied to their feet. The "Roll-Over Sock" offers an alternative to apply the sock, by rolling instead of sliding it on.

  • The Project featured a fully functioning prototype, ready for application.
  • The Problem was brought to light by the Danish Arthritis Association (gigtforeningen).

Teach My Child

Teachers in elementary school rarely have the time to give every student the special attention they deserve. "Teach My Child" was a prototype/concept, developed as a Semesterproject at DTU, exactly to deal with that problem.

The concept was the make it possible, for students to learn the way they personally learned best; Visually, Auditory, Practical or Theoretical.

  • The Project was developed in PHP/HTML5.
  • The Problem came to light, with the new Danish School Reform.
  • The Project used the Stage-Gate Model as it's method of approach.

Campus Housing

Campus Housing was a project developed in cooperation with DTU, to find a suitable solution to the growing demand of housing for students. The project entailed converting containers into a mobile living space, that could later be transported.

  • The Project used SolidWorks to draw a Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Enrgii - Energy Motion Bike

The project was brought to light by Enrgii, a company striving to convert the kinetic energy created by humans in gyms, into real electrical power.

Using a motion bike, we were able to create heat via. friction, which then was converted into electrical power (using the Seebeck Effect), by then using Thermo-elements.

  • The Project used Gamification as it's way of engaging the user.
  • The Project was a able to convert kinetic energy into heat, which then was converted into electrical power.
  • The Project used Android Studio, to develop an Application for monitoring the results via. Bluetooth.


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